After starting off as a rock musician, Nicola Marinoni studied violin making at the Conservatory of Parma in Italy and sang with the Luca Marenzio madrigal choir, led by Luigi Quadranti. He also studied classical percussion with Italo Savoia in Milan and at the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland with Paul Glass, Mike Quinn, and others. He taught at the conservatory from 1987 to 1995. Marinoni studied Middle Eastern drumming with Marc Loopuyt at the Association pour l’Encouragement de la Musique Improvisée (the Association for the Encouragement of Improvised Music) in Geneva and improvisation with Pierre Favre at the Lucerne Conservatory. He trained with Ruud Wiener and the New Percussion Group of Amsterdam and with Trilok Gurtu and Adama Dramé, among others. He studied singing with Emmanuel Pesnot at Martine Catella’s Glotte Trotters school in Paris.

Performances and recordings

2012 to date:
On tour with “La Vie Tendre et Cruelle des Animaux Sauvages” (Tenderness and cruelty: the life of animals in the wild), an aerial acrobatics performance by the company Azeïn.

2013 to date:
On tour with Keynoad, a trio created by the harpist, singer, and composer Ameylia Saad Wu.
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Marinoni has published two articles on the evolution of kettledrums during the Baroque and Classical periods (“Notes on Baroque kettledrums”). They appeared in the magazine “Percussions Sans Frontières” (Percussion without borders) in the January-February 1995 and March-April 1995 issues.

Nominations and awards

- In 1995, the Uruguayan Theatre Critics Association nominated “Percossi Obbligati” – in which Marinoni performed with Maria Bonzanigo – for the Florencio Prize in Montevideo in the Best Foreign Show category. In 1999, the show won first prize at the ASTAJ festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, in the Young Audience category. The performance was directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca.
- The album “Musica per Teatro” (with Artemondi) won the 1995 Golden Orsino prize, awarded by  Radio SFW, Karlsruhe, Germany.
- The French magazine Télérama gave the live album “Méditation”, featuring Giorgio Conte, its “fff” award in 1996.
- The album “Delizioso” won the Phonopaca prize in France in 2005 and received three stars from Jazzman magazine.
- The album “La charmeuse de serpent”, produced with Eric Montbel, received a Bravo award from  Trad’Mag in 2006.

Teaching activities

Courses from 1987-1995:
- percussion and ‘musical awakening” classes at the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland
- percussion and solfège in five brass bands
- classes in Middle Eastern drumming at the École de Musique Populaire in collaboration  with the Verzasca ACP (cultural association in Switzerland).
Classes and workshops from 1991
Rhythm classes for actors and circus performers:
- for Maria Bonzanigo and other performers in the Compagnia Finzi Pasca and Teatro Sunil (in Portugal, the Azores, Uruguay, and Mexico)
- for the Azalaï Association (the Shems’y national circus school in Rabat, Tangier, and in Marrakesh).

Classes in rhythm, voice, and body percussion for chorists. (For the Giocantara Association in Switzerland and the Fuveau choir in France.)
Balkan percussion at the Calais conservatory.
Didactic concerts and courses in schools:
- Rhythm days for music teachers in schools in Ticino Switzerland, (in collaboration with Oliviero Giovannoni).
- Primary school music classes in collaboration with the Themus Association, Marseille.
- Private lessons.


Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Milanese dialect, knowledge of English and German