« Percossi Obbligati »

 Compagnia Finzi Pasca

« Nicola Marinoni masters percussion with finesse. A host of emotions are expressed through his instruments; he loves, he cries, he curses, he suffers, and he laughs. His hands have a life of their own, communicating via fingers that slip and slide, strike and whisper, and caress the drum … »
Irma Abirad, « Ultimas Noticias » 16.09.95, Montevideo, Uruguay

« … a percussionist and a dancer who use their bodies and their voices in an electrifying fashion.
They do this with very few accessories and virtually no special effects. It’s a performance that embodies intelligence and originality. These two gifted artists take your breath away. »

Eva D « Taktik », 10.10.06 Marseille, France

«  Not a word is spoken. Whether it’s an act of affection or the nastiest of arguments, just a gesture or a look says it all. Marinoni is at one with his instruments, drawing all he can from them. When he’s not using an instrument, his feet serve to hammer out the rhythm. There are whole troupes of performers that cannot bring to the stage what Maria Bonzanigo and Nicola Marinoni offer the audience as a duo. The only criticism one might make is that the performance is too short; an hour of such well-being is simply not enough … »
Oscar Carchidi, « La Marseillaise »  1999, MarseilleFrance

« Nebbia »

 Cirque Eloize et Compagnia Finzi Pasca

« Music plays a pivotal role in this performance. The two principal musicians, Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy and Nicola Marinoni, strike the funniest note in a duo-duel on the marimba that is wildly over-the-top and totally hilarious.»
Steve Bergeron « La Tribune » 13.01.09, Sherbrooke, Canada

« Played by the formidable duo formed by Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy, from Quebec, and Nicola Marinoni , from Ticino, the music of Maria Bonzanigo vibrates with sadness and gaiety … »
Elisabeth Chardon, « Le Temps » 06.12.07, Genève, Suisse

« La vie tendre et cruelle des animaux sauvages»

Compagnie Azeïn

« As a percussionist, Nicola Marinoni is limitless. This creator of improbable, surprising sounds uses drums, electronics, and children’s toys, and tops this off with the noises he makes with his own mouth. It works – and leaves us asking for more »
P.R. « La Provence » 15.09.2012, Marseille, France